Purpose Statement

The Canadian K9 Alliance was established in 2009 to fight the growing misconception among the general public and veterinarians about the practice of docking, cropping and dew claw removal. We have also formed to stop the quickly spreading veterinary associations ruling on this practice as cruel and cosmetic.

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How You Can Help:

We can not do this on our own. We need the effort of everyone who owns or loves a docked and/or cropped breed. Please write letters expressing your views to your appropriate lawmaker or Veterinarian, and to the CVMA and your Provincial Veterinary Medical Association. Watch this website for updates and changes.

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29 Mar 2012 RATHER THAN improving animal welfare, Scotland’s ban on tail docking has caused unnecessary suffering to working dogs, the Scottish Gamekeepers’ Association claimed this week. More here

Join K9Alliance as a Volunteer

K9 Alliance has a working membership. All members volunteer time to various K9 committees – advertising, website, correspondence, etc.  Our primary goal is to provide information and education. We are active in lobbying to retain breed standards.

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Donations can now be sent to our Treasurer…

Make cheques out to: K9 Alliance Canada and send to:
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