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K9 Alliance Organization

  • Chair: Pauline Stockwood
  • Director: Denise Gallant
  • Treasurer:
  • Secretary:

Strategizing Committee: Pat Blenkey, Paula Boudreau, Mary Curl, Linda Hill, Cherie Holmes, Carolyn Irvine, Rachel Jesse, Judy Kauffeldt, Adele MacAskill, Cheryl Mehaffey.

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K9 Alliance is a non-registered, not-for-profit association that formed out of the Doberman Pinscher Club of Canada (DPCC) Crop/Dock Committee.  In 2008, the DPCC formed a sub-committee of approximately 5 to 6 members to address the ban on cropping, docking, and dew claw removal in Canada.  After 10 months of work, it was clear that the involvement of breed clubs and other affected CKC members was needed to respond to provincial bans initiated by the Veterinarian Medical Associations. K9 Alliance was the result.

K9 Alliance has a working membership. All members volunteer time to various K9 committees – advertising, website, correspondence, etc.  Our primary goal is to provide information and education. We are active in lobbying to retain breed standards.