Retain The Right To Crop And Dock

To: Club President and distinguished Board Members
Re: Docking Cropping and Dew Claw Removal

If you care about the future of our purebred dogs and are as worried as we are…then it is time for all to get up and support this fight before we lose our right to choose how we care for our animals, as we have always done … with good animal husbandry. A group of breeders have contacted the Merchant Law Group to assist us in stopping and reversing these bans. Merchant Law Group is a leading firm in class action litigation and has offices throughout Canada.

Mr. Merchant’s preliminary instincts are that he believes in our cause. Not because he views animals to be subject to the whim and pleasure of their owner so much as it strikes him that the Page…2 (Continued in pdf file, Breed Clubs for support.)

Please take time to read the attached PDF as it has very important information in protecting our future purebred breeds of Canada and how you can help.

Anyone who wishes to make a donation into the Merchant Law firm trust account may do so by calling (306) 359-7777 or 1-888-567-7777 between 9:00 am and 5:00 pm CST and asking for the Accounting Department. Their Accounting personnel will ask for file 402430. They take Visa, Mastercard, or you can mail a cheque to:
Merchant Group
#100 – 2401 Saskatchewan Dr.
Regina SK S4P 4H8

The most expedient is credit card (Visa/Mastercard) since time is of the essence.

Please remember the trust account is not a charity. Receipts can be provided, but they are not charitable donation receipts.

If you have not done so, please contact your local breed club representative.

Jean Berghuijs
RRCD ((Retain Rights to Dock or Crop)