Our Passion

There are 174 breeds registered in Canada that are either cropped, docked, and/or remove dew claws. There are more than 50 CKC recognized breeds that include ear cropping or tail docking or both as acceptable options under their breed standards. These breed standards are the rightful purview of breed parent clubs responsible for the preservation and advancement of their breeds. Breed standard provisions are grounded in the history, purpose and working characteristics of the individual breeds. Removing the breeders rights to these procedures will change these breeds forever. Many will not survive it. Contrary to the claims that we crop and dock to « beautify » our dogs (cosmetic), in actual fact, these procedures predate dog shows by hundreds of years, and are done to preserve the function of the breeds.

We need your help to start the fight to maintain our rights. We need your help to educate the public & veterinarians on why these procedures are done. We need your help to help us fight to maintain our breed standards as they are written.